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by sending a republican to washington to replace ted kennedy. scott brown has played on the theme, make me a head senator. in other words, he wants to go to washington, scott brown has campaigned in a state he carried by saying, i want to vote against the obama health care plan. i want to fight the president. i think the stimulus care plan was wrong. there is too much spending in washington. it appeals to independent vot s voters. scott brown would run around the stage saying, no, this is the people's seat. so you have one that had a better campaign, had more ads and more energy, and they think they are on the edge of what will be drama for them. it has been 23 years. they believe in less than 24 hours, me might have a in this early month, the first month of mid-term election year, john. >> where we talk about a political phenomenon, and always leading up to it is the word intensity, especially important with a special selection like this, because you all have to deal with slated comments. as far as intensity, what did we see heading out to the polls today? >> the intensity is off the cha
and what many independents believe is the same old poisonous washington. and scott brown tapded into that. and if was hesitation to run against obama on health care and the economy, and campbell, terrorism was used by the republican candidate. he himself is in the national guard. the christmas day incident was a turning point in the race, and his opponent, too soft. you would get him a lawyer and let him be tried in the american courts. not a lot to talk about that. >> sump a reminder to people. stand by. we are going to remind you where we were one year ago today. president obama sworn into office. take a look. hundreds of thousands witnesses this historic moment. promise, change, flash forward to last night. another candidate claiming the change. and a republican. today, barack obama represents a status quo. quite a turn around. he has many supporters wondering if he lost some of the magic and turned his campaign into a cause. can he get it back? that was the big question when we come back. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he re
surfaced today, and i think they gave people a better sense of why washington, which is dismissed so angrily by many, actually reflects the country itself and how many divisions we have in the country about how to proceed. everyone wants to end unemployment and the great recession and get people back to work, but there are very different visions about how to get there. >> candy, pretty savvy move too, to ask that cameras be allowed in for this. what was the strategy? what was the thinking there from the white house? >> well, because he's so good at it. and no matter what you say, one man standing at the podium with the presidential seal in front of it against hundreds of republicans or 100 plus republicans still is no contest. it goes the president's way. the white house would not have asked for this to be open, save two things. first, he did say he wanted things to be more transparent. interesting, the first transparent thing is this exchange with republicans. the president is very, very good at this, and he's in an office they don't call the bully pulpit for nothing. and i don't wa
of people think way too much money is being spent here in washington, so it is not happenstance that these two things have been leaked out by a couple of people, many people, who have knowledge of what the president wants to propose, because that is the message, and it's not good enough just to do it for one night. if you can do it for two days ahead of time and sort of roll the audience into the idea that the president is looking at the deficit, so much the better. >> but what emphasis does he give, or how much of the speech gets devoted to health care? i mean, this has been, you know, everything in terms of emphasis over the last few months, certainly. >> but what the white house has heard, what the president has heard, and i think with his sort of preview speeches you've seen since the end of last week and one yesterday is that they understand that it's the economy the american people want to hear about. they understand that within the economy, it's about the deficit and it's about jobs. so it is not as though the administration doesn't want health care reform. clearly it doe
for what happened, and we can't go back to the old washington kind of routine, we're all responsible, therefore, no one is responsible. someone's got to be held responsible. second of all, i don't think the president's action matched his rhetoric when we send this individual to a civilian court. that person should be tried as an enemy combatant and terrorist. if we are at war we should not try that individual in a court other than a military trial. to have a person be able to get lawyered up when we need that information very badly, i think betrays or contradicts the president's view that we're at war. >> you promised close relations between the united states and pakistan. there are tensions. they think there's too many strings attached to u.s. aid money and they're upset with the escalating number of drone attacks, going after al qaeda and taliban targets. is your sense, senator lieberman to you first, is pakistan a full partner or are they still, as many have said they have done in the past, picking and choosing when to fight, which targets to hit? >> pakistan is a full partner in
to see the ways of washington won. i would argue and i think correctly that the republicans never had any intent on working with him with anything but it's pretty clear that between now and the election of 2010 anything that he gets done in the foreseeable future will have to get done with just democrats. that's the way that washington is, it was the way it was as far as i can see it will be that way for a little while. >> so i'm going to ask you to take a look at the graphs and the viewers to look at it. blue line is president obama's approval rating, yellow line his disapproval rating and his support dropped off. bottom line how does he get it back? >> well it's not a very encouraging line to look at. that's what you would expect if someone took office and you had these kind of job numbers that keep pouring in. i think that people still believe, i think president has many things going for him. he's a superb communicator. he put some policies in place that have a real chance to start to work for people, and he's got to hope that these things start to come better for him and he's got to t
to former presidents george bush and clinton. shah is the administrator and just back in washington after spending saturday on the front lines in haiti, on the ground in port-au-prince, army general p.k. keen. thank you for joining us this morning, especially giving the urgency of the challenge. the goal, of course, is to make every day better than the day before. as you wake up on this sunday morning and start your very busy day, what is your most immediate challenge, your top priority today? >> well, we had a very good day yesterday. we had paratroopers in the 82nd decision, and they delivered water and we are focused on continuing that effort. as you noted, doing more every day and increasing our capacity to do that. today we will have two more companies of the 82nd airborne decision, and we have 1,000 troops on the ground now dedicated to the effort. >> and i will stick with you for one seconds, because it's a bit chaotic and not everybody is happy. still this morning there are complaints coming in about doctors without porters, and they are trying to get clearance to land. one plane
forward to quality time with his wife and kids. >>> behind washington, much of the country looked in a cold snap that is only going to get worse. >> frigid temperatures are hitting as far south as florida with familiers are scrambling to protect oranges. >> this is a honey bell orange. if we cut it open, you can see, the viewers see, it's still filled with juice. it's all juice. this is good. if it had fallen below 28, all of this would have been frozen. >> it's not your average air mass. before it's over it will impact an estimated 180 million americans that is over 60% of the people in this country. there there are advisories posted in 27 of the 50 states. out and out weather warnings in 16 states. >> the conditions here are harsh, blowing snow, bone chilling cold. this weather claimed at least seven lives so far and it's about to get worse. >> cnn meteorologist rob marciano is predicts a brief warmup tomorrow before they plunge friday. >>> to palm springs, where it's 73 and sunny, the setting for a video that is going viral in a big way. witness the divine ms. mariah carey acce
. the temperatures expected to head back that way later this week. >>> in washington senators want to hear from the father of the alleged christmas bomber. a foreign relations committee has invited the father to testify about how his son became radicalized. many arrows point to this man, cleric anwaral la alwaki, but h father denied it all in an exclusive interview with paula newton. take he a look. >> this is a he very anguished faemplt he says he's trying to contact a son, trying it convince him to surrender, but he says that his son is not a member of al qaeda and that he should not be linked to that group. he says i am now afraid of what they will do to my son. he's not osama bin laden. they want to make something out of him that he is not. but what is so interesting is the way he characterizes his son and his time in the united states. he says, he has been wrongly accusely. it's unbelievable. he lived his life in america. he's an all-american boy. my son would love to go back to america. he used to have a good life in america, now he's hiding in the mountains. he doesn't even have safe wat
to the gloom of washington. no surprise one of his first meetings was with his top counterterrorism aide john brennan. brennan was inescapable on tv this evening defending the approach to the war on terror and offering a bit of a mia culpa very much on message. >> clearly the system didn't work the way it should have. there was no single piece of intelligence, a smoking gun if you will. there is no smoking gun piece of intelligence out there that said he was a terrorist and carry out this attack against that aircraft. we had bits and pieces of information. bits and pieces of information that didn't give us the clarity we needed. what we need to do as an intelligence community and government is bring thoem bits and pieces of information together. the failure within the system was we didn't take that information and connect it to the other bits and pieces of information that came through the intelligence collection system. the system works very, very well every day, but there are instances when for whatever reason something didn't happen. >> brennan also blasted former vice president dick chene
functioning ask whether those teams can get in. the other thing is communications between here, the washington state department and the embassy are good because they have what are called tie lines, but for average american citizens who are in haiti right now trying to get in touch with the embassy, it could be difficult because land lines are down and cell phones are extremely spotty. so the one thing they're trying to do now is get in touch with those u.s. citizens and the staff of the embassy. >> and those phone lines are probably going to be down for a while. jill daugherty for us tonight with the very latest from there. jill, thanks. we want to the international desk at the cnn center in atlanta, cnn international anchor michael holmes standing by there, and i know information, michael, has just been powering uring in there to information desk. >> yes, i'm at the international desk, people are working to get crews down there and information. what's been interesting, campbell, is how we're getting the first of our images. they called me over a little earlier, and these photos are on faceboo
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are they anyway when it comes to 2012, the women going to jump into the race? "washington post" white house correspondent ann corn blunt made discoveries in her new book "notes from the cracked ceiling." take a look. anne, welcome. full disclosure. we've known each other for a very long time. we've been friends for a long time. i got an early peek at the book. it's an amazing read. 2008 campaign, hillary clinton came so close to getting her party's nomination. sarah palin the gop's first vice presidential nominee, and, yet, you argue 2008 was not a great year for women in politics. explain. >> well, look, we don't give points for second place in this country. we don't say, oh, john kerry came in second place for the presidency. hooray, that was historic. it was foley for some of us in the wake of 2008 to say it was the year of the woman. they both lost and at the same time they also lost after undergoing a rough time in first the primary for hillary clinton and in the general election for sarah palin. they exposed the problems i think any woman who's going to run for president going forward
there in washington. do the people's work. i think that's what happened in massachusetts. the people finally got a chance to voice what they want to have happen. >> john, the reset, i guess, the state of the union. what is the message? what does he say? >> i think he needs to say, i hear you. he needs to acknowledge what happened in new jersey, massachusetts. and say, look, i hear the anger happening out there and speak to inaccident independents and reconnect with them. say the economy is job one. i understand the anger is the partisanship in washington that makes independents furious. we need to return acknowledging independents, return to fiscal responsibility, not just with rhetoric but with a real plan. that's what independents want. a number one issue. reduce the deficit, return to fiscal responsibility and focus on the economy. >>> everybody, stand by. a big ruling from the supreme court today that is going to have a major impact on all of this. we'll have that when we come back. and when you consider who will be riding with you... perhaps the question is not so much whether you can affor
find is that people are very disturbed about the amount of spending that comes out of washington. now, will this deal with the deficit? it won't. most everybody will tell you, many, many economists say this will take a tax hike, something i can assure this president is not willing to do on anybody that makes less than $250,000. so it is a big symbolic event, but look at the things ed mentioned that are exempt. defense spending, homeland security spending, medicare, medicaid, social security. those are the big ticket items. we do know that the education department got a big influx of money from the stimulus. so what the president has done as ed said is perhaps picking a fight with liberals, but he's making nice with the blue dogs, those conservative democrats that wanted something like this. he may need them a little more right now for health care and other things, so it will come as welcome news to those conservative democrats and to some republicans. >> well, as you said political cover for key people at the moment given the health care battle. ali velshi, answer this simple question
in washington as long as i have covered it has always been that the other guy agrees with you. you know, you either take that approach and you're never going to have it or take the approach as the president, i think, tried to do last night. what do we agree on? then you can get bipartisanship but you cannot expect the republicans are going to go along with something they don't agree with. they were against it when the president was popular and looked like they could get it through and against it now. >> hold on, everybody. we're going to pick back up in a second. i want to talk about the moment everybody has been talking about relating to state of the union. a little mouthing off from a supreme court justice during the speech. more going on here than you may realize. jeff toobin is going to tell us about the bad blood when we come back. - and completely affordable -- collection from van heusen at the men's store inside jcpenney and at jcp.com. style, quality and price matter. jcpenney. wto answer 10 questionss you help our community get what it needs for the next, oh, 10 years. we can't move
to tears and later tonight's "guilty pleasure." >>> a book worth reading. "washington post" white house correspondent ann kornblut "notes from the cracked ceiling." what it will take for a woman to win. ann, welcome. full disclosure, we have known each other a long time and have been friends for a long time. i did get an early peek at the book. the 2008 campaign, hillary clinton came so close to getting her party's nomination, sarah palin the gop's first vice presidential nominee and you argue 2008 was not a great year for women in politics. explain. >> well, look, we don't give points for second place. we don't say john kerry came in second place for the presidency. hooray. that is historic. it was folly to say it was the year of the woman because they both lost. at the same time they lost after undergoing a really rough time in first the primary for hillary clinton and general election for sarah palin. they exposed some of the problems that any woman who will run for president is going to experience, harsh treatment, ridicule and credentials exposed off the bat. >> there was a moment
with the haitian president. back in washington, a show of unity from american presidents, president obama has put former presidents bush and clinton in charge of fund-raising efforts. >>> it's down to the wire in the massachusetts senate race. president obama heads there on sunday to campaign for martha coakley. scott brown is within striking distance. a special election is on tuesday, this is the late ted kennedy's senate seat. a republican victory could give them enough votes to defeat the democrats health care plan. those are your headlines this hour, i'm don lemon, keeping you informed, cnn, the most trusted name in news. looking at bones just because they're inside you doesn't mean they're protected. oh, ladies. let's say you have osteoporosis. i do. you could be losing bone strength. can i get it back? (announcer) ask your doctor how to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month actonel. actonel is clinically proven to help reverse bone loss and can help@i increase bone strength to help prevent fractures. so you can get back some of what you lost. do not take actonel if you have low blood ca
's what i'm assessing and evaluating right now. >> certainly i know some of my friends in washington on the hill were a little bit put out by what i said. what i'm saying is the question was, will you take back the house? i don't know. >> and that, fof course, from cnn's situation room. what a difference a day makes. steele now says he thinks republicans can win back the house in november. >>> that brings us to the punchline tonight courtesy of john stewart, back from vacation and ripping into the government for missing all the clues about the christmas bomber. >> it's december! he's going from nigeria to amsterdam to detroit without a coat? [ laughter ] >> with a one-way ticket? do you think he's going to detroit to start a better life? [ laughter ] >> john stewart, everybody. and that is the match-up tonight. still ahead, new details about that security breach at newark airport in new jersey on sunday. also, more screening, more air martials and more people on the no-fly list, but will this do anything to make us safer? and president obama meets with his national security team and
. >>> a book worth reading. "washington post" white house correspondent ann kornblut made some surprising discoveries in her new book, "notes from the cracked ceiling." hillary clinton, sarah palin, and what it will take for a woman to win. so ann, welcome. full disclosure, we have known each other a long time and have been friends for a long time. i did get an early peek at the book. but it is an amazing read. and let's start with an overview. the 2008 campaign, you had hillary clinton came so close to getting her party's nomination, sarah palin, the gop's first vice presidential nominee, and yet you argue 2008 was not a great year for women in politics. explain. >> well, look, we don't give points for second place in this country. we don't say john kerry came in second place for the presidency. hooray. that was historic. so i think it was folly for some of us in the wake of 2008 to say it was the year of the woman. because they both lost. and at the same time they also lost after undergoing a really rough time in first the primary for hillary clinton, then in the general election for sa
have been your president and who washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in political jeopardy. john edwards admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock, after lying to everyone about it. lurid details all released in a book called the politician, written by edwards long time confidant andrew young. >>> toyota owners can expect to hear from the company in the near future. toyota spokesman tells cnn it's met with federal safety officials and is finalizing a plan to replace gas pedals that could stick. those are your headlines this hour. keeping you informed. cnn the most trusted name in news. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. you know how that makes me feel? like dancing? ♪ oh, yeah. go national. go like a pro. doesn't mean they're protected. oh, ladies. let's say you have osteoporosis. i do. you could be losing bone strength. can i get it back? (announcer) ask your doctor how to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month actonel. actonel is clinically proven to help rev
them what's going on. joining us from washington general colin powell, former secretary of state, former chairman of the joint chiefs. here's his message for you and the people of haiti. watch. >> the united states government and the governments throughout the world, the united nations, international relief organizations are all doing their best to stabilize the situation to bring order to haiti and then start to flood in the necessary supplies needed to sustain life. but, you know, the challenge is going to be great and it's going to be long enduring. once the folks who have lost their lives have been dealt with in as dignified a manner as possible and once we have taken care of those who are injured, then the work begins. then we need reconstruction. then we need to take care of the living, and in taking care of living is not a matter of giving them food and water, but helping them rebuild their homes and schools and churches, rebuild their government. so i'm asking everyone who is watching tonight to find a way to give and then give some more and to give over the long term for
evacuation plans are worked out. a little bit of that angle on the story, we want to go to washington and jill doherty, what do you know? >> there could be an evacuation point for americans. they are saying don't go to the airport yet. stay tight, be safe and there will be further information. the other thing is that the u.s. embassy is really one of the only buildings that has been left standing. it's become a central hub for the ak that's going on right now, including communicating with those americans. there are, we understand, three possible deaths among the americans that has not been confirmed yet. and finally, very important, the search and rescue teams coming in from the united states, there are three of them. we believe that they should be on the ground. today there were mr coming. there will be search and rescue coming from other countries, the british, the french and finally, the last thing, secretary clinton cutting short her trip to asia and the pacific, coming back here to the state department to work on this very, very important and what's going to be a massive rescue o
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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